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Top eye makeup trends to wear with colored contact lenses 2021

Summertime is officially here, and this year’s summer is a lot more normal than the last one. We’re here to talk about the 5 most popular makeup trends this summer, and the colored contact lenses that will complete your look.

This year’s makeup trends are fun, just like this summer, with fewer restrictions and more freedom to stay out, this summer is an upgrade from the last one.

Contact lenses are not only for people who need vision correction, but they can now be used for cosmetic purposes too.

Colored contact lenses do not only change your eye color, but they can also transform and alter your entire look.

Choosing what contact lens to wear with what makeup look can be a challenge, so Ewink has put together this list of the hottest 2021 makeup trends and the contact lenses that will take your look from a 10 to 100.

1. Nostalgia:

The 90s are making a return. Monochromatic looks are now back, and that includes all brown everything.

Brown eyeshadow flatters every skin tone and looks fresh. To modernize the look, we suggest choosing a sparkly shade of brown, such as bronze.

Your look is not complete without a gorgeous pair of colored contact lenses.

Makeup product suggestion:

The Bourjois Rue Du Café eyeshadow palette is perfect to achieve this look.

Contact lens suggestion:

For this look, we suggest going with Hazel contact lenses. Our Desio, Attitude, Shameless Hazel contact lenses, and our Adore, Pearl, Hazel lenses are both excellent choices.

Shop Desio lenses and Adore lenses on Ewink. Contact lenses will tie your look together and enhance it.

2. Enlivening color:

Bold colorful eyeshadow is making a return this summer. The past few years have been all about neutral tones such as brown, nude and black, but, this summer, bright colored eyes are coming back.

Don’t be afraid to use colors like bright pink and sunset gold. Colorful eyeliner is a great way to enjoy summer 2021 trends while maintaining a simple everyday look.

Makeup product recommendation:

Ofra Bright Addiction eyeshadow palette

Contact lenses suggestion:

To add to your look, try Adore Pearl Blue lenses or Lazord pure blue lenses. Blue lenses will give you the perfect pop of color to add to your eyes.

Shop Lazord lenses and Adore lenses now.

Blue lenses will brighten your whole look and bring positive attention to your eyes.

3. Graphic eyeliner:

Connect with your inner artist this summer and try a fun graphic eyeliner look.

Graphic eyeliner is a makeup staple this summer. The possibility of eyeliner looks are endless.

You can get creative and create a fascinating eye makeup look that can be worn while wearing a face mask.

Makeup suggestion:

The Lancôme grandiose eyeliner has the perfect applicator to help you achieve a flawless finish.

Contact lens suggestions:

Make your eyes pop with Ewink’s colored contact lenses. We suggest going with a dramatic contact lens like Bella, Elite, Lavender Grey.

These light grey and lavender Bella contact lenses will be the perfect wow factor to add to your look. The Bella, Natural, Violet contact lenses are also perfect for this look. Shop violet Bella lenses now.

4. Brushes up eyebrows:

The brushed-up eyebrow trend is perfect for those who like simple no-makeup-makeup-looks.

This eyebrow look gives the appearance of fuller brows without them looking too dense or fake. This look suits all eye and face shapes, it adds structure to your face.

Many salons now offer brow lamination, which helps achieve this natural brushed up look. The brushed-up eyebrow look has become more popular due to it being easy to achieve.

How to achieve the brushed-up eyebrow look:

1. Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any sparse areas in your eyebrows

2. Lift the hairs away from the skin using a brush

3. Apply an eyebrow gel to keep your eyebrows in place

Makeup product recommendation:

The benefit precisely my brow pencil can make your eyebrows look flawlessly filled in and still look totally natural.

The spoolie end of the eyebrow pencil is perfect to help you achieve the feathered brushed-up look.

Contact lens recommendation:

Grey contact lenses will tie your whole look together. If you have a deeper skin tone, we recommend the Bella, Contour, Grey lenses.

For lighter skin tones, we recommend Bella, Elite, Sandy Grey lenses. Shop Grey contact lenses now.

5. Glossy eyes:

This trend not only makes your eyes look more lifted, but it also gives your face the illusion of added hydration.

This look is easy to achieve but may not be the easiest to wear.

How to achieve this look:

1. Apply a shimmery eyeshadow on your eyelid as a base

2. Use eyeliner to define

3. Add a shine, use lip balm for a less tacky light weight formula.

Make sure you avoid crease areas in your eyes.

Contact lens recommendation:

This eye look is very natural, so any contact lens you wear will stand out.

We recommend that you take advantage of this and try one of our bold lenses, like Adore, Crystal, White or Desio, Attitude, Charming Green.

Shop Green Desio contact lenses and white Adore contact lenses on Ewink now.