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About Us

With ewink…You Are Seen! 


Our Story

In a world of offline stores, we took the challenge of breaking the ground of the digital world to fulfill your shopping needs for your eyes beauty and care, from contact lenses and eyeglasses to eyelashes, eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, and all eye makeup accessories.

Ewink brings you everything to give you the fabulous eye look you always wanted. It is your all-in-one online store dedicated to the health and beauty of your precious eyes, where you can order your contact lenses, glasses, and eye makeup with a single click from the comfort of your home!


Our Mission

Provide premium authentic eye products in a smooth satisfying online shopping experience!


Our Vision   

To become a trusted go-to online store for eye products shoppers in the Middle East.  

Seeing how limited the offline market for contact lenses, glasses, and eye makeup is and how the existing online ones are not that trustworthy, it has become our goal to fulfill this gap by connecting you with your favorite original brands with the best price in Egypt.   

We aim at becoming a credible guide for eye care and beauty with a selected collection of world-class makeup and optical products.  



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