Colored Contact Lenses

Colored Contact Lenses

If you are looking to switch up your eye color and try out blue eyes, grey eyes, green eyes or hazel eyes, check out our wide variety of colored contact lenses from top brands and trending colors.

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Choosing the Right Colored Contacts for You

If you're going for a natural look and have light eyes, choose an enhancement tint that makes the edges of each iris stand out. Or, look for a pair that deepens your natural eye color. If you have gray eyes, try violet or blue, for a change. If your eyes are dark, opt for opaque tinted lenses to alter your eye color. For a natural look, choose a honey brown hue a few shades above your natural color. Or, consider hazel-tinted contacts. Of course, opaque tints also let you stand out from the crowd if you're looking to go dramatically lighter. From green to blue to violet, you can create a stunning new look while transforming your eye color and look.

Lenses Color Guide

Blonde Hair

Any color can suit you. Best are:

Blue green violet

Red Hair

Blue green

Brown Hair

All shades of:

brown Blue

Black Hair

Any color can suit you!

green light shades

brown dark shades

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