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How to use?

Le Reve, Grey, Le Reve, One Day

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Le Reve contact lenses give you a natural look as the grey lenses match with the eye color in a smooth way.

From: Starting From: EGP 150

To Starting From: EGP 200

More Information
Brand Le Reve
Collection Le Reve
Color Grey
Color Group Grey
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.4
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
UV block No

Colored contact lenses from Le Reve make your eyes the beauty they are. They give you the natural and new look that you love. Easy to apply and gentle on your eyes.

) You can replace them daily, so you don’t need to worry about continuous care.


  • Easy to wear for the first time or new wearers so it saves your early morning time.
  • Allows oxygen to the eyes to keep them fresh and healthy.
  • Suitable for one day of wear so it gives you freedom to try new color everyday!

When can you wear them?

  • Work: These colored contact lenses suit the everyday activity. You can wear them to work as they give subtle yet a warm look to your eyes.
  • Gym: They are perfect for workout too. They won’t slip down during a workout, so you can freely exercise.
  • Morning outing: Grey contact lenses would look more lovely in the morning as this bold color appears more colorful in the sunlight.

Grey Lenses:

contact lenses go with much bold makeup. You can match them with a vivid concealer or eyeliner to intensify the color effect.


Frequent Question

How to wear them?

  • Wash your hands carefully
  • Make sure the contacts are facing the right direction not inside out
  • Gently hold your eyelid with one finger and don’t blink
  • Pull down your lower eyelid with another finger Place it on your eye steadily

How to take care of your lenses?

  • Use fresh eye lenses solutions
  • Keep them in the solution so they don’t dry out and stay clean
  • Never wash your lenses in tap water
  • Make sure your hands are clean before taking them out
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