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Ewink: Your Eye Care and Beauty Mentor! 



Hello and welcome to our ewink blog.  

This is the place where you will find all the secrets and useful tips about eye makeup, colored and transparent contact lenses, lenses solutions, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and general eye care.  

In our blog, we will be reviewing various eye products and accessories from contact lenses to eye makeup items. As we provide only genuine products, our reviews will be based on the best eyewear brands that are available on our website like Maybelline New YorkL'Oreal Paris, Yves Saint Laurent, Huda Beauty, Ardell, Andrea, Golden Roseand more!

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What’s in it for you? 


Every girl may run out of ideas on how to throw a glamorous look every day and we are here precisely for that, to give you out-of-the-box ideas for a jaw-dropping eye look.  

You may also have questions about the best routines to follow if you are a contact lenses user, or which eye makeup products that match them. These answers are what you’ll be getting by following ewink’s blog. 

Let us start by introducing who we are and what to expect! 


ewink - eyewear


Who Are We?


We are a team of beauty and health enthusiasts who are passionate about finding new ways to stand out in the crowd with a glamorous eye look. We won’t tell you how to look, but we’ll guide you through the different eye products available so you can find the perfect eye look.  

The eyecare landscape nowadays is not about giving credible information as much as being about getting sales, so we have decided to dedicate our time and effort to provide a valuable and trusted resource destination for handy tips and reliable reviews to help you keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.  


What to Expect?


An answer to every question you could have about your eye’s health and beauty. We aim at providing helpful answers to your unanswered questions and adding valuable tips and tutorials for eye makeup.  

Our blog is designed to become your go-to source for information about contact lenses and the best way to take care of them, as we understand how wearing contacts could be hectic for some and needs special treatment to keep them functional throughout their usage period. We will also show you the latest glasses fashion trends for an easy yet stylish look. With ewink, you will wink in style.  

A fun and entertaining time is what you should expect here while learning new techniques and useful tips. Our blog will be divided into different sections so you can find what you are looking for as easily as possible. Let's dive in to know what awaits you!   


Tips and Tutorials

This section will make you stand out with a unique mix of eye makeup and colored contact lenses. We will show you the secrets behind your favorite celebrity look and how to pull it off in no time!   

Every eye shadow shade is different and there are dozens of palettes. Instead of spending a lot of time trying all the colors, we will compare and match them for you so you can decide on the look that makes your eyes shine.  


ewink - eyewear

Product Review


Here you can find the top products comparisons to know exactly which eyeliner, eye shadow, mascaraetc suit you better. Going out in the morning? We got your perfect morning look! Having a night date? We got you! Every new release from popular brands will be reviewed and scored here before you buy them, to save you time and money 


Eye Care

Here you will learn how to take care of your contact lenses, and the best routine to keep them moist and functional with no irritation or discomfort. Also, will give you tips on treating puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles.  


Beauty Corner

Catch up with the latest releases and offers in the eye makeup world and learn how to match them with your outfit. Adding on, tips and tricks for an outstanding eye look for the perfect wedding style!   

We would love to keep you ahead in the beauty game, so you can simply subscribe to our newsletter and receive our latest blogs, newsand offers.   

Stay tuned!