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How long should you wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are part of the daily routine for all of us and they become a must especially before going out. So, we always wonder how long we should keep them in our eyes. Basically, you should wear your contact lenses from 8 to 16 hours daily as advised. However, the safest period to wear them depends on their type. There are one-day contact lenses and monthly contact lenses.

We prefer contact lenses because they are easy to wear and give freedom for our daily use more than glasses. It is easier to study or work or even workout while wearing them. That being said, we need to take care of them so they wouldn’t be harmful to our eyes from excessive use. Wearing them longer than the recommended duration can cause irritation and harm for us.

How many hours per day is it safe to wear contacts?

On a normal week, you will go out 5 days a week. If you wear your contact lenses before going out, you can wear them from 8 to 16 hours a day and then take them off before bedtime. In this case, you make sure your eyes stay healthy.

Can you wear one-day contact lenses for more than one day?

Daily disposable contact lenses are disposable, single-use lenses that you throw away after one day of use. That means if you use daily contact lenses, you should wear them for only one day then get rid of them.

These disposable contacts are recommended to be replaced every day to make your eyes safe. Keeping them for much longer can cause the oxygen to be reduced and that will lead to an infection. There are many risks of reusing daily contact lenses longer than the recommended period include:

  • Eye infection.

  • Dry eyes.

  • Eye redness or irritation.

  • Corneal ulceration and scarring.

  • Visual impairment.

There is a study discussing the risks of excessively wearing your contact lenses which gives you an overview of how to maintain your eyes’ health. To take care of your one-day contact lenses you should do the following:

  • Follow your doctor's advice about their replacement.

  • Never wear them overnight.

  • Have your pack of one-day contacts ready.

WebMD offers medical advice to follow to take care of your eyes when you wear daily lenses.

Are Monthly Contacts Safe to Use for Longer?

On the other hand, monthly contact lenses are lenses that can be used for a month or 3 months and then you throw them away. The monthly contacts don’t mean you can wear them 24 hours, you must remove them each day before sleep or give your eyes some rest.

So, you might be asking are monthly contacts good for 30 days or 30 wears? The product guidelines state that you can wear your monthly contacts every day for 30 days. It is then not about how many times you wear them; it is about wearing them for a month and then get rid of them.

How frequently should I replace my contact lenses?

It is always healthier to replace them before the end of their specified period. For example, if you wear monthly contact lenses don’t wait for the full 30 days to pass, you can replace them by the end of that month. Replacing old contacts depend on the type of the contacts.

If you have daily disposable lenses, you better have a pack of them. There are biweekly, monthly, and quarterly (3 months lenses). Your doctor will prescribe the suitable ones for you and you can then follow a certain routine of replacing them and keeping a spare pair ready.

How long should I wear colored contact lenses?

Wearing cosmetic colored contact lenses is not different from prescribed medical lenses. Colored lenses are the same as transparent medical lenses when it comes to how long should you wear them. They should be replaced and disposed of regularly following the same routine.

How long can you keep contacts in the solution?

Once you open the contact lenses cases, you have to keep them clean by placing them in contact solution. You better not leave them in the solution for more than one week without replacing the solution.

Also, keep in mind that once they are open you have 14 days for biweekly and 30 days for the monthly lenses to replace them. The solution doesn’t extend this period and whether you wear them once or every day, you want to wear new lenses after the recommended period.

We hope that you know have a clear idea of the frequency of wearing contact lenses that suits you. When you decide to follow a certain replacement routine, you can then take better care of your eyes. Be sure to check the different types of contact lenses to know more the next time you want to keep some spare pairs with you!