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What are the best fake eyelashes for beginners?

Eyelashes give your eyes a daring look as they make your lashes look thick and long. If you are just trying to apply eyelashes, you might be wondering which fake eyelashes should I wear? Should I go with fake lashes or lashes extension?

There are many types of eyelashes like natural and synthetic. Each lashes type comes with different materials and application techniques based on whether they are adhesive or magnetic.

If these differences seem daunting, we have collected for the best false eyelashes to try easily and know how to throw a natural subtle look or an outstanding full-make look as you like!

Types of Eyelashes

Each eyelash type has its effect on your eye's look. Knowing the difference between the types of lashes and how they can match your personality and choices is important before deciding on which type to try.

Accent Eyelashes

Accent lashes are suitable for you when you want a natural look to start with. They help maintain a natural style as they add a little extra length and volume

to each outer side of your eye instead of a full lash volume that the other fake lashes give.

They are also easy to apply as all you need to do is to ensure both sides are pressed correctly on your eye.

We recommend you start with a pair of accent eyelashes and we will also provide you with the best accent lashes shortly!

Strip Eyelashes

They are lashes attached to a fabric band that should be adhered to on top of your lashes using adhesive.

When you apply strip lashes, you want to make sure both sides are accurately pressed on your skin and the full band should be close to the lash line.

To apply the strip lashes on your eyes, you want to peel the package and hold the lashes with your fingers or tweezers. Rest the strip close to your lashes to check if you need to trim them. Remember that fake eyelashes are not applied to your eyelid. Your upper lash line base is your starting point.

The goal is to match the strip eyelashes with your natural lashes.

Adhesive Eyelashes

Most of the fake eyelashes need a way to stick them. The adhesive eyelashes use glue or adhesive to apply the lash and fix it in its place.

You need to apply a thin layer of glue along the lash from side to side and give it a few seconds, so your falsies are secured.

Magnetic Eyelashes

Instead of the glue, you will use a magnet to hold your lashes. Magnetic eyelashes offer much more times to wear in comparison to adhesive eyelashes.

To apply them, you will pace the magnetic lashes on top of your natural lashes. You will then take the bottom part and place it under your lashes so the magnets can click together. That is it!

Some people prefer to apply mascara on their natural lashes before the magnetic falsies add volume and thickness and look more realistic and natural.

Just make sure not to apply the mascara on the magnetic lashes directly because they will look messy.

Best Fake Eyelashes Starter Pack

Here is the list of the best fake eyelashes that look natural to wear on your next special occasion or wedding.

Andrea PermaLash Natural

This is a full pack of 56 Individual Lashes. They are easy to apply and they last for 2 weeks. You can’t tell the difference between these Andrea lashes and lashes extensions.

With this pack of accent reusable Lashes, you can throw a natural subtle look as they are made of natural hair. You will find different lengths of lashes (short, medium, and long) to try on different styles and choose the best look.

Ardell Glamour Lashes

Ardell provides a strong, long-lasting hold for strip lashes. They are reusable and comes in the length you prefer. They give heavy volume and are perfect for those nights when you want to have a full-make glam look.

Ardell Lashes 5 pack 110 black + free applicator

Ardell offers an all-in-one pack with 5 pairs of lashes and a free applicator to save time on applying your lashes when in hurry!

This pack will guarantee that you won't run out of your favorite lashes as they are reusable. Your falsies will look natural and the best thing is that these lashes go well with almost all types of eyes.

Kiss Magnetic Lashes

These contact lens-friendly and pre-curved lashes are super comfortable and made of natural hair. You don’t need adhesive to apply them so they are easy and quick to apply. Use them as many times as you want, as they are perfect for reusing as long as you take care of them.

We love magnetic eyelashes because they make it easy for you to apply all other eye makeup you love! They can be applied over the Eyeliner and you can add your favorite mascara too.

Lord & Berry Lash wardrobe Collection

These accent falsies are made of natural hair. They give extra volume and a look of mascara, so you don’t need one! You also don’t have to replace them each time as you can wear these Lord and Berry lashes ten times.

Each time you try a new pair of eyelashes, you will explore all the styles to look like a million dollars. You get to know if short or long lashes are better for your eyes and which type you are more comfortable wearing.

You can compare the different types of fake eyelashes on our website and know more about their features. Let us know in the comments below which eyelashes did you try first and how did you like them?