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Anesthesia, Fonesta

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Enlarges the eyes while maintaining natural look.

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Brand Anesthesia
Collection Anesthetic
Color Fonesta
Color Group Green
Use Duration 6 Months
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon

Look drop dead gorgeous in this exquisite shade that is a beautiful combination of yellow and green. A rich blend of greens and yellows, Anesthetic Fonesta, offers a beautiful summer green color With a slight limbal ring, these lenses will give you a mysterious and beautiful look.

Is Anesthesia Anesthetic - Fonesta suitable for dark eyes? Yes, this shade is a great choice for dark eyes. These beautiful blend of yellow and green color in these contact lenses are sure to blend well with your original eye color and make them look completely natural. This shade adds a warm green tone to your eyes and makes them look stunning each time you wear them. You can wear these lenses for any occasion be it to work or for some special evenings.

frequently Questions;

How long can I wear Anesthesia Anesthetic - Fonesta lenses for?

These contact lenses are designed for extended wear and you can wear them everyday for up to 6 months. Make sure that you replace them with a new pair after this period. We recommend that you consult an eye doctor or an eye specialist in case of any irritation, redness or excessive tearing. It is advisable to not use these contact lenses if you suffer from any eye-related diseases.

Can I sleep with my Anesthesia Anesthetic - Fonesta contact lenses?

It is advisable to not sleep with these contact lenses on. Ensure to take these contact lenses off before you go to bed. In order for the cornea to breathe, It is recommended that you remove them at least two hours before you go to bed. Also, always store these contact lenses in a lens case filled with fresh lens solution for subsequent use.

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