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Anesthesia, Hazel

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It have the best blend of brown and honey on one elegant beauty

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More Information
Brand Anesthesia
Collection Dream
Color Hazel
Color Group Brown
Use Duration 6 Months
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon

Anesthesia Dream Hazel has all possible blends of honey and brown on one elegant beauty. Contrast ring in this colored contact lens is added for a bolder look.

What color lenses best suited for women with black hair?

Black-haired women do not have a problem choosing the color of the lenses, as many colors suit them, but the confusion remains in the color of the skin
But the gray and green color is very beautiful for women with black hair, as it gives them an attractive charm
And if she chooses the honey color and her skin is wheatish, her beauty will increase a lot
So do not be overpowered or confused in choosing the color that suits her

Makeup For Hazel Color Lens

 Get the look: Rainbow Eye Makeup

  1. Wash your hands and put on your hazel color lens.
  2. Apply yellow eyeshadow color into the inner corner of your eyes.
  3. Sweep the orange color into the upper crease, merging it with the yellow.
  4. Layer pink eye makeup next to the orange hue, extending it onto the center lid and outwards. Blend well!
  5. Apply a greenish-blue hue along the lower lash line and blend it.
  6. Add eyeliner across your upper lash line.


    frequently Question:

    Can I sleep with my Anesthesia Anesthetic - Gris contact lenses?

    It is advisable to not sleep with these contact lenses on. Ensure to take these contact lenses off before you go to bed. In order for the cornea to breathe, It is recommended that you remove them at least two hours before you go to bed. Also, always store these contact lenses in a lens case filled with fresh lens solution for subsequent use.

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