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Bella, Ash Brown, One Day

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Enlarges the eyes while maintaining natural look . Bella Ash Brown One of the very attractive colors, very natural in eye, and very comfortable. 

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More Information
Brand Bella
Collection The secret
Color Ash Brown
Color Group Brown
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 55%
Material Methafilcon A
UV block Yes

Bella ash brown one day it is very soft surface and high oxygen permeability keep your eyes comfortable,This one day lens by Bella comes in the shade Ash Brown, providing a natural look

Makeup tips with Bella Natural Gray Lenses:

Bella Ash Brown lenses would be a great combination if mixed with warm colors like orange eyeshadow shades which make the gray tone in Bella ash brown contact lenses stand out.

Best color lenses for small eyes

There are many types of lenses that give a small and distinctive shape to the eye and women are looking for them in abundance everywhere, which made many specialists recommend the best types of small lenses colors, which are:

shades of blue
shades of green
Light brown colour.

What is the diameter of Bella lenses?
Bella Cosmetic Contact Lenses, 14.2 Diameter, Count


 Suitable for dry eyes
• Permits high oxygen permeability
• Blocks UV rays
• Soft and comfortable one day lens
• A beautiful shade of grey engulfing brown, creating Ash Brown

frequently Asked Questions:

  • I get nervous putting something in my eye, can you help?
    - This is a common and natural concern that people may have. The process is easier than you think. start by getting used to touching your eye without the lenses. Placing a drop of warm water on your index finger and bringing it to your eyes is a useful technique to use while practicing inserting contact lenses.
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