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Bella, Citrine Crystal, One Day

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Bella Lenses Citrine Crystal color from The Secret collection is a safe and unique way to enhance your appearance.

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In stock

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More Information
Brand Bella
Collection The secret
Color Citrine Crystal
Color Group Brown
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 55%
Material Methafilcon A
UV block Yes

The Citrine Crystal color of Bella Lenses is attractive, natural-looking, and fits well with your eyes. Bella Citrine Crystal color is the perfect choice for people who wish to try something new or for a special event.This one day lens by Bella comes in the shade Citrine Crystal, providing a natural look

These contact lenses are soft and comfortable for dry eyes and does not cause any irritation. A crowd pleaser with its beautiful and glamorous yet natural look.

Bella Citrine Crystal, One Day contact lenses with a warm glow from the inside out, your eyes will be transformed into a lovely hazel shade. A subtle limbal ring provides a youthful glow to top off your look

You have to Keeping it and storing it well in the solution while avoiding sleeping with it


Hazel shadow in Bella Citrine Crystal color lenses are complimented with green and gold shades of eyeshadow. These lenses also look exquisite with high-volume lashes. Check out more eye products at Ewink.

Lenses for eye enlargement

Many women like to wear contact lenses, especially those that enlarge the eyes, as these lenses are circular in shape and cover part of the white of the eye in addition to the iris, which gives a larger appearance to the eye and makes it larger, and this type of lens comes in natural colors In addition to exotic and bold colors to satisfy all tastes, the lenses have many colors to enlarge the eye, and these colors include the following:

Blue shades: such as navy blue, icy blue, or crystal blue.
Brown shades: such as chocolate color, bright brown, or almond brown.
Green shades: such as tropical green, olive green, or leafy green.
Gray tones: such as glossy grey, aqua grey, or pure grey

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