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Bella, Hazel

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Bella lenses in Hazel color from Contour collection are one of the most popular lenses right now. They go well with most makeup colors, especially browns. Bella lenses in hazel will also be appropriate for special events. get and try it now from Ewink in Kuwait.

Starting From: KWD 10.000
More Information
Brand Bella
Collection Contour
Color Hazel
Color Group Brown
Use Duration 3 Months
Diameter 14.5
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
Oxygen Permeability 8.4 Dk/t
UV block Yes

Bella lenses will enhance your appearance and make you stand out on any occasion. Every day, Bella eyeglasses hazel colour from the Contour Collection will refresh your style. Bella lenses in hazel offer your eyes a bright and sparkling appearance. Share your day with Bella hazel lenses.

Are Bella's colors natural when wearing it?

Bella lenses offer unique combinations of charming colors specially designed to enlarge the shape of the eye through their contoured tips, and give you the opportunity to choose thin tips for a natural look - especially with the "Bella Natural, Bella Contour" range that offers wonderful 3D colors - or choose a sharper edge ring For a bolder look and bigger eyes. It also provides full protection from ultraviolet rays and gives the best rate of oxygen passing through; Which makes it comfortable to wear and perfectly matches your eyes.

Bella lenses hazel color:

Bella lenses hazel colour from the Contour line are ideal for those with hazel eyes since they give them an appealing shine. Bella lenses in green will look great with brown makeup, making your eyes look like a work of art.

Tips for wearing contact lenses:

  • thoroughly clean your hands.
  • Wash the lenses well with the solution.
  • Smoothly insert the lenses into your eyes.
  • Features:

    • The iris ring is strongly delineated.
    • The eyes are soothed.
    • Made in the United States.
    • All eye colours are accommodated.
    • FDA and CE approval.



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