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Bella, Caribbean Green

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Bella Diamonds Caribbean Green is a lovely colored lens that has a pistachio shade with a starburst limbal ring. These green colored contacts from Bella are suitable for dark eyes, now in Kuwait don`t miss the chance.

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More Information
Brand Bella
Collection Diamond
Color Caribbean Green
Color Group Green
Use Duration 3 Months
Diameter 14.5
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
Oxygen Permeability 8.4 Dk/t
UV block Yes

The Bella Diamond collection is a stunning range of colored lenses from Bella designed for those with dark eyes who are looking to transform the color of their eyes and accentuate their features. This collection features eight gorgeous colors that are loved by customers all over the world. These colored lenses come with a defined limbal ring that will make your eyes appear larger and more beautiful than ever!

 These green colored contacts from Bella are suitable for dark eyes.

Features of Bella lenses:

  • UV blocker 
  • comfortable size 
  • moisture-retaining for hydration 
  • Multi-month use contact lenses
  • easy to use 
  • suitable for first-time wearers 
  • soft contact lens 

Green contact lens: 

These Bella lenses are a divine shade of green. The colour glimmers in the sunlight. This dazzling colour is complimented with warm red and gold shades. Check out Ewink for more gorgeous eye shadow pallets and eye products. 

where can Bella lenses be worn? 

Work: Bella lenses look very natural and professional, so they are an excellent option for work. 

Outing: Bella lenses look great with any makeup look. The stunning shade of green shines even brighter under the sun. 

Gym: Bella lenses stay in place all day and do not irritate your eyes. They are perfect for any dynamic workout. 

Frequently asked questions: 

How to put on your contacts: 

  • wash your hands 
  • make sure your lenses are upright 
  • gently hold your upper eyelid up to prevent blinking 
  • pull your lower lash line down and place the lens in your eye with your index finger 

How to clean you Bella contact lenses: 

  • wash your hands
  • gently rub your lenses with your index finger 
  • rinse your lenses with your contact lens cleaning solution 
  • rinse your contact lense case with your contact lens cleaning solution 




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