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Bella, Radiant Brown

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Bella Glow Radiant Brown is a rich and bold shade with a defined limbal ring, making your eyes look bigger and your style more youthful. Bella Glow Radiant Brown are available now at Ewink in Kuwait.

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More Information
Brand Bella
Collection Glow
Color Radiant Brown
Color Group Brown
Use Duration 3 Months
Diameter 14.5
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
Oxygen Permeability 8.4 Dk/t
UV block Yes

Bella Glow collection colors have a medium-to-strong limbal ring to make your eyes stand out. You will find the perfect shade to match your look. This sweet yet intense shade of deep brown will add a captivating element to your presence. The charming shade of brown is versatile yet glamorous. Add class and elegance to your look with Bella lenses.


UV protection FDA and CE approved

Highly defined design


Bella lenses are very easy to use

Brown Bella lenses:

Bella brown lenses are perfect for any occasion because of how natural yet charming they are. Brown lenses are emphasized with plum shades, this will make them appear wider. Check out the eye shadow pallets at Ewink to complete your look.

Where can they be worn:

Work: brown lenses can brighten a beautify your natural eye color and bring out its glow. The natural Bella lens shade is perfect for a long day at work when you want to look gorgeous yet classy.

Gym: Bella lenses do not slip or irritate while moving and sweating, which makes them perfect for any dynamic movement.

Frequently asked questions:

How to take care of Bella lenses:

Keep your Bella lenses in solution when they are not being worn

Make sure they are upright when putting them in

Wash your hands before putting them in or removing them

Never wash Bella contact lenses with tap water as this can contaminate them and cause eye infections.

How to put your Bella contacts in:

Wash your hands before you begin

Make sure the Bella lenses are upright

Gently hold your eyelid to prevent blinking

Pull down on your lower lash line and place the contacts in

Blink slowly to adjust its position or move the lens gently with your index finger

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