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Bella, Radiant Hazelnut

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Bella Glow Radiant Hazelnut contact lenses with a warm glow from the inside out, your eyes will be transformed into a lovely hazel shade. A subtle limbal ring provides a youthful glow to top off your look .now in Kuwait at Ewink is the first website in the Middle East for Eye beauty products.

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In stock

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More Information
Brand Bella
Collection Glow
Color Radiant Hazelnut
Color Group Brown
Use Duration 3 Months
Diameter 14.5
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
Oxygen Permeability 8.4 Dk/t
UV block Yes

Bella Glow collection colors have a medium-to-strong limbal ring to make your eyes stand out. You will find the perfect shade to match your look. The warm tones in this Bella contact lens are jaw-dropping. The sweet yet intense shade of hazel will fascinate every soul that looks into your eyes. Everyone will notice how deep and alluring your eyes will be.

Features of Bella lenses:

UV blocker FDA and CE approved

Easy to use

Multiple months in use

Soft contact lens

Moisture retaining


Hazel Bella lenses are complimented with green and gold shades of eyeshadow. These lenses also look exquisite with high-volume lashes. Check out more eye products at Ewink.

Frequently asked questions:

Can contacts get lost behind my eyes?

It is impossible to lose a contact lens behind your eyes, so if you are worried about that, do not let it stop you from trying Bella contact lenses. Bella lenses are made from quality materials that are designed to stay on the surface of the eye.

Can contact lenses fall easily?

Bella lenses are a very comfortable fit, so the possibility of them falling out is quite rare. Try out different size contact lenses here at Ewink.

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