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Bella, Hazel Beige, One Day

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Bella's beautiful new lens combines hazel and beige in a harmonic way. The darker limbal ring defines the color, even more, creating a delicate and beautiful appearance.now available at Ewink in Kuwait.

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More Information
Brand Bella
Collection The secret
Color Hazel Beige
Color Group Brown
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 55%
Material Methafilcon A
UV block Yes

Bella Color Contact Lenses are the ideal fashion accessory for making your eyes appear glamorously gorgeous. Its high quality blends fashion and comfort. Bella combines beauty and tranquility to create a beautiful impression.

Bella One Day - Hazel Beige contacts from Bella lenses combine both excellence in manufacturing quality with a superior aesthetic design for a superior colored lens for light and dark eyes with or without vision correction. Bella's All New One Day collection comes in multiple colours

Is there any harm in wearing colored contact lenses on a daily basis?

It depends on how long you have to use your lenses; If they are daily, they should be worn only once, then thrown out and never used again, and this type does not require periodic care as it is constantly disposed of, unlike reusable lenses that are removed and cleaned on a daily basis. It also does not harm your eyes as long as you take care of it and follow the instructions given to you by your specialist doctor.


This neutral shade of grey is very natural and works with any skin tone. Using eyeshadow with orange and peachy tones will bring out the cool tones in the lenses. Check out Ewink for more eyeshadow products. 


  • UV blocker
  • FDA and CE approved
  • Multi-month use contact lenses
  • Soft contact lens
  • Moisture retaining


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