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Dahab, Lumirere Brown, 1 Day , Box

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Dahab contact lenses gives you a dazzling Lumiere brown color that gives your eyes an attractive shape in every look , One of the very attractive colors, very natural in eye, and very comfortable . Get Dahab Lumiere Brown is available if you want to be special now at Ewink in Kuwait 

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More Information
Brand Dahab
Collection Dahab Daily 5 Pairs
Color Lumirere Brown
Color Group Brown
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
UV block Yes

Dahab contact lenses are one of the best lenses for sensitive eyes because they are light on the eyes and do not cause any redness.enjoy fantastic lenses with Dahab lenses.

Dahab Lumirere Brown contact lens is a perfect blend of light brown and gray shades with a unique starburst pattern and soft limbal ring. Ideal for day time and evening wear, this natural colored lens is suitable for dark eyes and comes with or without vision correction!


Medical and Cosmetic Lens
Bio compatible elements making the lens soft & comfortable throughout the day
High Water retention that allow high oxygen permeability
Ideal for eye dryness
High Definition design & UV blocker
USA materials
FDA & CE approved

Indispensable makeup tips for women with wide eyes:If you are looking for the most natural brown eyes then Dahab Lumirere Brown is the shade for you. This cosmetic lens comes with a subtle limbal ring and shifts into hazel and grey near the center to give the incredible color that has won the hearts of customers from all over the GCC and now across the world. Wear them during the day and into the evening hours to complete your look. These fashionable lenses have high opacity so you can be assured they will cover dark eyes well.

Indispensable makeup tips for women with wide eyes:

If you prefer to wear contact lenses and have wide eyes, you should do the following:

1- Wide eyes always need eyeliner to show their beauty. So choose the eyeliner you like best and decorate your eyes with it and you will see how her look has become completely different.

2- Mascara is one of the makeup tools that will help you highlight the beauty of your eyes. Therefore, we advise you to choose the volumizing and lengthening mascara for eyelashes to give your eyes a more attractive look.

3- It is preferable to go for dark eyelids rather than light ones so that your eyes do not appear wider than they are. You can adopt shades of brown and copper.

4- Try smokey eye makeup, it will play a big role in showing the beauty of your eyes.

5- Have you ever imagined the look of your eyes with smudged eye makeup? It will give your eyes a very bold and distinctive look.

6- If you want to enjoy simple eye makeup for wide eyes, just apply kohl on the lower lash line, apply a light layer of mascara and choose a calm lipstick.

7- Finally, do not be afraid to try kohl or colored eyeliner, as it will definitely have a special character with your eyes.


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