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Dahab, Sabrin Gray, 1 Day , Box

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Dahab Sabrine Gray Green contact lens one day box is a fascinating combination of grey and green color with a strong limbal ring and a distinctive starburst design. at Ewink in Kuwait.

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In stock

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More Information
Brand Dahab
Collection Dahab Daily 5 Pairs
Color Sabrin Gray
Color Group Grey
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon

This natural colored lens is suited for dark eyes and is available with or without prescription, making it ideal for daytime and nighttime use! Dahab Sabrin Gray Green is the color for you if you want the most unique greyish green eyes.

Dahab - Sabrin Gray is a rare mix of gray with a dynamic starburst and a soft outer limbal ring ideal for both day and evening wear. These daily disposable are an exceptional choice to get gorgeous gray eyes. Give yourself an exotic look with these dailies color lenses.

Tips for first-time contact lens wearers:

  • Make sure your My Lens lenses are upright before putting them in
  • Make sure you wash and dry your hands before handling your lenses
  • Keep your lenses in solution when you are not wearing them
  • Make sure you clean your My Lens lenses regularly
  • Put on your lenses before putting on your makeup
  • Take out your lenses before removing your lenses

Makeup tips with Dahab Sabrin Gray Lenses:

Dahab lenses grey color are a one-of-a-kind combination of blue and grey. You can use an Orange eyeshadow which will look great with grey lenses and will make the blue iris stand out.

You can also use a violet tone which will draw attention to the gray color in these lenses. And what better way to complement grey lenses than with grey? A dark grey smokey eye can enhance the brightness of your grey Dahab enses.


Frequently Asked Question:                                   

  • Should I take out my Dahab contacts before taking off my makeup?
    - Yes, taking off your lenses before removing your lenses can prevent getting makeup on your lenses, which can irritate your eyes. If you get makeup on your lenses, make sure you clean them.


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