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Dahab, Solitaire, 1 Day , Pair

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Dahab gives you a dazzling solitaire color that gives your eyes an attractive shape in every look.  Solitaire is a natural gray color lens with a starburst pattern and slight limbal ring giving your eyes a beautiful look for all the occasions. it`s available at Ewink in Kuwait

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More Information
Brand Dahab
Collection Dahab Daily 1 Pair
Color Solitaire
Color Group Grey
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
UV block Yes

Dahab Solitaire contact lenses are one of the best lenses for sensitive eyes because they are light on the eyes and do not cause any redness. Dahab gives you a dazzling solitaire color. Dahab Solitaire is an exclusive silver-gray colored contact with a one-of-a-kind starburst pattern and also a soft limbal ring.

The Gold collection of Dahab has so many spectacular and also exciting shades that will certainly crown your beauty with their great styles.

The gold collection holds impressive shades, which are Lumiere Hazel, Lumiere Gray, Lumiere Blue, Lumiere Green, Solitaire, Sabrin Soul, Aqua, Caramel, Sky, Ice, Marron, Creamy, Cat Eye, Hind, Gray Green, Tiffany Blue, Lumiere Brown, Sabrin Gray, Swarovski, Sun Kiss, Topaz, Medusa, and also Diamond.

Dahab contact lenses are excellent for sensitive eyes since they are gentle on the eyes and do not produce irritation. Dahab provides you with a beautiful solitaire color.

Daily make-up suitable for Gray lenses

There are many options that suit honey lenses if you wear them during the day, where you can apply pink, beige for daytime, while you can put bronze, silver, royal blue, dark blue, green to yellow for the evening period, which increases the beauty of the honey color To get a distinctive eye look.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can I put makeup with contact lenses? 

Yes, you can but make sure you put them in before you put on your makeup and remove them before you remove your makeup. This will prevent infections and will keep your lenses clean.

How to wear your contact lenses: 

  • Wash and dry your hands 
  • Place your contact lens on your right index finger 
  • Pull down your lower eyelid using your right middle finger 
  • Pull up your eyelid using your left index finger 
  • Place your contacts in 
  • Blink until your contact lens is in the center 
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