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Dahab, Sky, 1 Day , Box

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Dahab Daily - Sky is a stunning light blue colored contacts blended with light gray and comes without a limbal ring. These daily disposable are ideal for day time and evening wear. They perfectly cover dark eyes and comes with or without a prescription . Dahab gives you a dazzling sky color that gives your eyes an attractive shape in every look. don`t miss it from Ewink in kuwait.

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More Information
Brand Dahab
Collection Dahab Daily 5 Pairs
Color Sky
Color Group Blue
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
UV block Yes

Dahab contact lenses are one of the best lenses for sensitive eyes because they are light on the eyes and do not cause any redness. Dahab lenses give you many colors.

Dahab Sky is a classy light blue-tinted contacts with tips of light grey and no limbal ring. A bestseller across the GCC including UAE and also Saudi Arabia, Sky colored lens will cover dark or light eyes entirely and also give you a perfectly natural look daily.

Dahab is fairly perhaps one of the most preferred contact lens Companies. Their lenses are manufactured in Korea .

Dahab Daily - Sky from Dahab is all set to give you a complete makeover this season. Buy these daily disposable lenses in light blue tones to complete your look.

Best makeup for blue lenses:

If you choose blue contact lenses, smokey eye makeup with a darker shade is the best option that will complement and accentuate your blue eyes without being too glowy.

How do you get that look?

Perfectly blending eye shadows is crucial when choosing this look. First, you should always make sure to make the eye brush rotate in small circular motions on the eyelid to give a soft and smooth look for the smokey eye makeup, and then all you have to do is mix shades of silver and black with a dark blue color. The best application of these shades of colors is by applying the lightest colors closest to the inner corner of your eye while darkening the shadows towards the outer corner; Thus, you add brightness to your face in a smooth and stunning appearance.

Tips for wearing contact lenses:

• Contact lenses should be worn for a limited number of hours per day.. as their continuous or prolonged wear exposes the eyes to serious dangers and is not recommended except for medical reasons.
• Contact lenses require good care, as neglecting their hygiene and not paying attention to the directions for use and daily cleaning can lead to multiple and serious problems.
• It is a disease that affects the eye as a result of neglecting to clean the lenses or the use of lenses from
• Care must be taken when prescribing a solution for cleaning contact lenses, as some active substances and preservatives can accumulate in soft lenses and thus lead to harmful reactions.

  • Features of Dahab lenses: 

    • Soft contact lens 
    • Irritation-free 
    • Suitable for people with dry and sensitive eyes 
    • Moisture retaining 
    • Comfortable to wear 
    • Can be worn to the gym
    • Dahab lenses can be worn with makeup 
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