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Dahab, Sabrin Soul

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Dahab Sabrin Soul contact lenses consist of a grey-brown mixture with a unique starburst pattern and a soft outer ring around the iris. Sabrin Soul tinted lens will cover your dark eyes and give you an elegant appearance. Dahab lenses put an end to your search for gentle eyes lenses.now at Ewink in Kuwait

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More Information
Brand Dahab
Collection Gold
Color Sabrin Soul
Color Group Green
Use Duration 6 Months
Diameter 14.8
Base Curve 8.8
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon

Dahab Sabrin Soul contact lenses consist of a grey-brown mixture with a unique starburst pattern and a soft outer ring around the iris. It is also designed to be appropriate at different times. If you are looking for the most elegant and emotional eyes, then Dahab Sabrine Soul gives you the right shade.

This cosmetic lens comes with a thin iris ring that turns grey in the centre and dark brown near the centre to give the most distinctive color loved by many customers around the world.

Wear it during the day and into the evening hours to complete your look. These trendy lenses have high opacity so you can be sure that they will cover dark eyes 

Evening makeup for gray colored contac

After applying the appropriate foundation for the skin tone, apply concealer to the eyes to hide dark circles and impurities.
Start by applying black shadows on the moving eyelid and extend it upwards until you reach the crease of the eye. Pass the black shadows also at the lower lash line and blend them well with the feather to get a smoky effect.
Switch to a lighter, matte shade under the brows for a subtle highlight.
Line the inside of the eye in navy, then put glitter on the moving eyelid, then apply layers of mascara, or use false eyelashes to get a special evening makeup.

Features of Dahab lenses: 

  • Soft contact lens 
  • Irritation-free 
  • Suitable for people with dry and sensitive eyes 
  • Moisture retaining 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Can be worn to the gym
  • Dahab lenses can be worn with makeup 

Frequently Question:

How do I buy colored lenses?
Brown, hazel, or green lenses are most likely to suit you. If you have a lighter skin tone, the best way to determine your skin tone in terms of warmth or coolness is by looking at your veins. If your veins are pure blue, your skin tone is likely cool. If your veins are green, your skin tone is likely to be warm.

Is wearing lenses daily harmful?
Wearing contact lenses for a long period of time, leads to major problems in the cornea, as the lenses prevent oxygen from entering the eye, which leads to the individual's exposure to many problems.

How many hours of wearing lenses?
Some soft contact lenses can be worn for up to 30 days continuously, even while you're sleeping. However, this type of lens can cause some complications, such as a buildup of foreign bodies under the lens, problems with the cornea, or serious eye infections.

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