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Dahab, Olive

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Dahab Olive Contact Lenses are the new unique blend of yellowish-green shades with a hint of dark green.Have special eyes with a OLive lens from Dahab Platinum collection now at Ewink in Kuwait

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More Information
Brand Dahab
Collection Platinum
Color Olive
Color Group Green
Use Duration 6 Months
Diameter 14.8
Base Curve 8.8
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon

The olive color is a wonderful color and usually gives a special luster when it is present in a piece of your clothes or your own look, so what about having it inside your eyes with a unique design! Dahab Olive Contact Lenses are the new unique blend of yellowish-green shades with a hint of dark green. This natural tinted lens is perfect for any time of the day wear, as it is suitable for dark eyes and comes with or without a prescription.

If you are looking for a natural yellow look or light olive eyes, then Dahab Zaytoun is the right choice for you. This cosmetic lens comes with a dark ring around the iris of green and turns into a mixture of light yellow honey near the center to give the best olive color available on the market. Wear olive oil during the day and into the evening hours to complete your look. These trendy lenses have high opacity so you can be sure that they will cover dark eyes well.

Make-up Tips For contact lenses green color:

If you plan to wear green lenses, the best makeup for you would be warm eye makeup or bronze makeup. Since green eye color has a typical warm undertone that combines golden and brown, this choice helps accentuate your eyes.

While choosing the type of bronzer that is right for you, it is best to go for a matte bronzer because it looks great on green eyes and is very suitable for warming your skin tone while keeping the focus on your eyes at the same time. Likewise, a pink, brown or purple blush, will also look great on green eyes.

Frequently Asked Question:

If you want your contact lenses to last as long as possible, the most important thing to do is clean them regularly – and properly.

  1. Wash and dry your hands well before handling your lenses.
  2. Always clean your lenses every time you remove them.
  3. Never use expired solution.
  4. Keep your contact lens case clean, too!
 Depending on the suggested replacement schedule (or wear cycle) of your contacts, you may keep them in contact solution in a tightly closed contact lens case for up to 30 days.
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