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Dahab, Khaki

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If you are looking for a natural dark brown, then Dahab Khaki is the shade for you.this natural colored lens is suitable for dark eyes and can be worn daily for up to 6 entire months. now at Ewink the first website in the Middle East for Eye beauty products in Kuwait

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More Information
Brand Dahab
Collection Platinum
Color khaki
Color Group Brown
Use Duration 6 Months
Diameter 14.8
Base Curve 8.8
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon

Dahab Khaki are light brown lenses with subtle touches of a yellowish-green tinge and a dark ring around the iris. If you are looking for a natural dark brown, then Dahab Khaki is the shade for you. This cosmetic lens comes with a dark ring around the iris that transforms into light green undertones near the center to give the most distinct color. Wear khakis during the day and into the evening hours to complete your look. These trendy lenses have high opacity so you can be sure that they will cover light eyes well.

Dahab, KHaki lenses are designed to make your eyes the center of attention, they have shades suitable for all skin colors, and give a natural shine to the eyes, in addition to some of them have a clear iris ring definition.


Medical and Cosmetic Lens
Bio compatible elements making the lens soft & comfortable throughout the day
High Water retention that allow high oxygen permeability
Ideal for eye dryness
High Definition design & UV blocker
USA materials
FDA & CE approved

Tips to choose the lenses in the colors that suit each skin:

in coordination between the color of the lenses and the color of the skin, and the following is an explanation for that:

White skin:

This skin is worthy of all colors without exception, but the most beautiful in its shades of blue and gray, and this gives an elegant appearance, as well as radiant colors such as turquoise and violet will be wonderful, and it can also choose the appropriate colors for makeup and the color of the piece to be worn.

Wheaten skin (brown):

wheaten skin or tanned skin due to sunbathing suits the colors that make the eyes more radiant and glossy, and usually light honey, green, gray or dark blue colors suit them, but light blue or turquoise does not suit them because they do not suit them. Skin color, paying attention to the color of eye shadows and choosing colors different from the color of the lens so that its color appears striking.

Black skin:

This skin is distinguished and suits it with many colors and it suits warm colors such as earthy, such as: brown and hazel, and it suits the dark green color with makeup that suits the look, in order to give the eye a larger size and more attractiveness, and the honey or gray color suits it with attention to avoid Turquoise, pink and light blue because they are stark colors that do not match the skin tone.

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