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Dalal Beauty, Jamila 3D Mink Lashes

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A stunning pair of handcrafted artificial eyelashes that mix in flawlessly with your real lashes, instantly adding length, volume, and definition.

Starting From: KWD 7.750
More Information
Brand Dalal Beauty
Collection 3D Fauxmink
Color Black
Volume Medium
Length Medium
Adhesive Yes
Material Mink
Time of use Reusable
Packing Quantity 1 Pair


  • Color black
  • It can be used up to 25 times.
  • Mink fur with a cotton band that is 100 percent sanitized


How to Use:

  • Make a tiny line at the base of the lashes.
  • For 60 seconds, bend lashes into a horseshoe form.
  • At an angle, place the base of your lashes on your natural lash line.
  • For 20 seconds, gently push and tap the lashes against the eyelid.


How To Remove:

  • Remove your eye makeup using a makeup remover of your choice.
  • Excess should be rolled away to make room for cleaning.
  • To increase the life of your lashes, keep them in a container.
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