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Freshlook, True Sapphire, One Month

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Fresh Look gives you a dazzling true sapphire color that gives your eyes an attractive shape in every look. The true sapphire color you dream of is now available with Fresh Look lenses ,FreshLook Colorblends are monthly contact lenses which enhances your eye colour. The 12 shades to pick from are made by Alcon , get it now from Ewink in Kuwait.

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More Information
Custom Label 2 + 1
Brand Freshlook
Collection Colorblends
Color True Sapphire
Color Group Blue
Use Duration One Month
Diameter 14.5
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 69%
Material Phemfilcon A

Freshlook lenses give you many colors of lenses. have beauty look every day with freshlook. if you want a new beautiful look every day, Freshlook will achieve that for you ,  These lenses are made by Alcon. Wearer evaluations laud the contacts because they are 'smooth' and because they are 'organic.'

FreshLook Colorblends are monthly contact lenses which enhances your eye colour. The 12 shades to pick from are made by Alcon (eight are extremely subtle while four are rather remarkable).

These lenses are perfect if you are busy in your life and wish to have a comfortable stay since you only need one pair a month, not a fresh pack every day, like monthly lenses. The lenses are comprised of a high hydrogel in water that helps to keep your lenses wet and eyes hydrated during the day.

  • Features:

  • 3-in-1 colour technology
  • Subtle or complete colour change
  • The first lens to blend 3 colours on one lens to create a totally natural result
  • Providing either a natural blend with the colour of the eye or a striking change for those that want to experience a fresh new lookز
  • The best features of makeup that match True Sapphire color of Freshlook lenses:

    Eye shadow (eyeshadow):
    Using an eye shadow (eyeshadow) in a black smokey style, and highlighting it with a little silver color; To give you a classic look.
    the use of orange tones; neutral brown, peach, with a hint of blue; To give you a bold look.
    the use of blue or pale green, with a pearl color; To give you a delicate and smooth look.

  • Contact lens care tips:

    The use of contact lenses among women has become popular, as they are used instead of glasses for aesthetic purposes in many occasions and parties. Although they are easy to use, it is necessary to take care of them and keep them clean so as not to harm the eyes. Here are tips to take care of them:

    Do not use contact lenses after their expiration date.

    Lenses should be kept clean and kept in their designated liquid.

    Hands should be washed before putting on or removing lenses.

    Clean contact lenses on both sides. Not wearing lenses while sleeping, as this leads to inflammation of the eye.

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