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Luminous, Hazel

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Now you can match your eye color with your dress style and get a new look with natural and attractive soft colored contact lens at the best price. Be sure to get this amazing color Hazel from Luminous.The lenses preserve the eye, as the eye is wet with the lens and cannot become dry. The lenses have many colors that suit all tastes, and the lenses appear natural to the eye. try it now from Ewink in Kuwait



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More Information
Custom Label 2 + 1
Brand Luminous
Collection Luminous
Color Hazel
Color Group Brown
Use Duration 3 Months
Diameter 14.3
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
Oxygen Permeability DK/12
UV block Yes

Make sure to get this amazing Luminous color Hazel. match your eye colour to your OUTFIT color and get a new look at the best price with natural and attractive soft coloured contact lenses.

Luminous has a beautiful colour palette inspired by real eye colours.
The collection includes natural, bright colours that are intended to keep your eyes looking and feeling fresh.

Features of Luminous Hazel lenses:

Luminous lenses have gained wide popularity, which made them at the forefront in the world of contact lenses, as they have a number of advantages:

♦ It is one of the best lenses that are used for sensitive eyes, as it keeps the eyes moist, and is not affected by the dusty atmosphere, and the eyes are not exposed to some infections, such as what happens when wearing inappropriate lenses, as this type of lenses is characterized by its lightness.

♦ Luminous lenses work on the convenience of customers, as they have manufactured lenses that are suitable for everyone, some of them are lenses that are used on a daily basis, and some are used on a monthly basis, and they also manufacture annual lenses.

Wet inside the eye, and dryness cannot occur while it is inside the eye.

♦ Luminous Hazel lenses are characterized by the wonderful view that shows them naturally, and the lenses alone have many colors that make an attractive and different shape.

♦ The lenses can be used as cosmetic for eye color, and Luminous lenses also provide some types of lenses that are specially designed for eye patients, such as short or farsightedness.

Benefits of Luminous Hazel eye lenses:

♦ Luminous lenses are distinguished as they have international medical standards and were manufactured within the Korean state, taking into account the appropriate proportions that make them wet.

♦ The lenses retain the water inside the eye, which makes these percentages not decrease, and they are preserved from all the elements that cause infections that occur in the eye.

♦ It works to protect the eye from harmful rays that can be exposed, such as ultraviolet.

♦ The lenses were manufactured by specialists in the field of contact lenses, which makes them distinct as they are of stable colors.


Makeup looks that compliment Hazel Luminous lenses: 

  • Green shimmer: Use a green shimmer pigment on your eyelid to bring out the green undertones in these lenses
  • Rosey tones: Rosey tones compliment the hazel lenses perfectly. Pair the lenses with a brown eyeliner to complete the look. 
  • Plum shades: Adding a soft plum eyeshadow can add depth and drama to your look 


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