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Naturel, La Loliet

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Naturel daily lenses give you La Green color to have fantastic look.Natural Limit La Lulette lenses are beautiful natural lenses meaning that they are available without latitude and longitude, your eyes look attractive and natural try it now from Ewink in Kuwait

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More Information
Custom Label 2 + 1
Brand Naturel
Collection Limit
Color La Loliet
Color Group Brown
Use Duration 6 Months
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
UV block Yes

Naturel has a range of beautiful colors inspired by real eye colors. Natural lenses give you a pretty look. have a fantastic look every day with natural lenses.

Natural Limit La Lulette lenses give a very attractive look due to the nature of the lens, which suggests that it is the color of the eyes, and the lens is of high quality and provides comfort to the eyes.

Features of NATURAL LIMIT LA LOLIET contact lenses

Natural Limit La Loulette lenses give a new and shiny look.
Gives a special attraction to the eyes.
It has great effectiveness in oxygen permeability.
It remains for a long time without causing any harm to the eyes.
Natural Limit La Loulette lenses look and feel very natural.
The lenses make the eyes breathe naturally and comfortably.
The lenses are soft, providing comfort to the eyes.
The lenses are foldable and rigid.
The lenses slide easily when attached or removed.
The lenses are distinguished by a wonderful color that gives attractiveness to the eye.
Tips and warnings to protect the lenses

Natural Limit La Loulette lenses are long lasting; So it must be taken care of.

The lens must be disinfected with the special solution after removing it from the eye.
Put the lenses in their own solution, and change this solution periodically to ensure its safety on the eye.
Contact lenses should be removed when going to the pool and when showering
A clean solution should not be mixed with an old solution.
The lens can be rubbed gently with the solution.
You should not sleep completely with the lenses in the eyes.
Cleaning the lenses before and after they are installed in the eye.
Do not leave the lenses without solution to prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria in the eyes.
Disinfect contact lenses before using themز

The makeup look that compliments La Loliet Naturel lenses: 

Naturel lenses look stunning on their own, but pairing them with a complimentary eyeshadow look will make them stand out even more. 

To complement these Naturel lenses, go with a soft brown smokey eye. 

For a daytime look, use a medium brown on your outer crease and a lighter shade on your eyelid. Use a shimmery champagne shade on your inner corners. 

For a nighttime look, use a deeper brown shade in your outer crease and a shimmery shade on your inner corners and eyelid. Use false lashes to add drama to your look. 

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