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Naturel, Core Blue, One Day

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Naturel daily lenses give you Core Blue color to have fantastic look. Core Blue color gives you natural look Now you can match your eye color with your dress style.The edges of Natural lenses are soft and gentle on the eyes, so they can be put on and taken off easily without causing damage to the eyes.try it now from Ewink in Kuwait

Starting From: KWD 3.000
More Information
Brand Naturel
Collection Core
Color Core Blue
Color Group Blue
Use Duration One Day
Diameter 14.2
Base Curve 8.6
Water Content 38%
Material Polymacon
UV block Yes

Naturel has a range of beautiful colors inspired by real eye colors. Natural give you many shades of colors that you searched about it many times. have brilliant eyes with the natural daily collection. enjoy a new look every day with natural lenses. if you want daily different makeup look, you should try natural daily contact lenses.

Features that are found in Natural Core Blue lenses

The lens is characterized by its beautiful blue color, which increases the beauty of your eyes and adds to them attractiveness, so you will get an attractive and beautiful appearance and a wonderful modern look.
Natural lenses are characterized by the absence of longitudinal or transverse lines, which makes the lens look natural.
Natural lenses are made of trusted medical materials that do not harm the eyes. They do not cause redness in the eyes or irritation and inflammation. They are completely safe and very gentle on sensitive eyes.
The percentage of water in the lens is 38%, so it maintains the structure of the eye and does not cause it to dry out, no matter how long the lens is worn.
The lens allows oxygen to enter the eye, which allows the eye to breathe and gives a feeling of comfort throughout the period of wearing the lens.
The lens merges with the pupil of the eye, indistinguishable from the original eye and with a natural appearance.

Makeup looks that suit Core Blue Naturel lenses: 

Warm metallic eyeshadow tones are a great option to bring out the blue in the Naturel lenses because the warmth sparks the cool. 

For a softer smokey eye look you can go with a rich brown eyeshadow. This smokey eye look is more suitable for daytime and flatters your blue Naturel lenses a lot better. 

To brighten your Blue Naturel lenses, go with orange hues. Use shades such as tangerine and rust. 

A navy eyeliner could also be a great way to wear eyeliner with blue lenses without it looking too harsh. 

How to remove contact lenses: 

Removing your lenses may seem intimidating but these are the steps you should follow for the easiest way to remove contact lenses: 

  • wash your hands using antibacterial soap and dry them. 
  • Gently pull down your lower eyelid.
  • Gently pinch the contact lens off
  • Look up and slide the lens down 
  • Repeat for the other eye
  • This process should be pain-free 
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